January 15, 2006

Dewanatron for my Positronic Brain

That's not red-eye ... Leon's and Brian's orbs really do glow when they are MAD.

Last night I went to see my friend and local mad musician, Brian Dewan, perform with his cousin Leon on their homemade electronic instrumental abominations, the Dewanatron, at the Pierogi 2000 gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The audience were treated to a special performance, which featured the acoustic accompaniment of traditional instrumentation, meshed with the space age robot sounds of Dewan's inventions.

The hypnotic tones of the Dewanatron put me and Shana in a trance.

On the walls surrounding the gallery were several functioning Dewanatron models, each sporatically chiming in like broken clockwork with whirrs and beeps, part of the exhibit appropriately named Irregular Hours.

Paul and Sofie, struggling to control their Dewanatron induced brain fever

Special friend Threebrain made a surprise guest appearance and gave Dewanatron two thumbs up! Don't ask where the other thumb is.

Jesus in Threebrain's beer

The Dewanatron exhibit was out of this world, but paled in comparison to Threebrain's discovery of the image of Jesus in his beer! I suggested we sell it to Golden Palace, but it was too late. Threebrain was extremely thirsty.


Anonymous said...


the pictures rule! You look like you had such a good time!!

Anonymous said...

To me it looks more like some weird cross between a space invader and an anime rendition of a tribble.

OK. I know that's weird.