January 18, 2006

Robot Logic

Peter Kirn pluggin' plug-ins

If you are familiar with the Shabot 6000 animated Flash cartoons on this site, you may wonder what audio production software I use for the music and voiceover, including Shabot's special robot vox. As a robot who prides himself in making sense of a world which sometimes DOES NOT COMPUTE, the logical choice is Apple Logic Pro, of course.

Peter Kirn, friend and author of Real World Digital Audio was the guest speaker at this month's New York Logic Pro Users Group, graciously hosted at Dale Pro Audio in Manhattan. The focus of Kirn's tutorial was on Sculpture, a Logic plug-in that uses component modeling technology to create a wide array of new and organic sounds. I'm looking forward to trying some of the techniques I learned tonight in my next animation.

Award winning composer (Reading Rainbow!) Steve Horlick, NYLPUG president Jonathan Perl, and guest presenter Peter Kirn

Kirn and the Bot

Dale Pro Audio host, Tim Finnegan, and Logic Pro pro Jonathan Perl

WTF?! Threebrain is everywhere! Here seen harassing Peter Kirn with PC audio questions (he doesn't even own a Mac!)

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