December 23, 2005

A Very Shabot Xmas

This year I've been so busy with client projects that I did not have a chance to produce my own Shabot Chanukkah or Christmas special animation. But in the spirit of the holidays, I present to you last year's animated special, A Very ShaBot Christmas!

Last year I got quite a few angry e-mails from people who were offended by my Chinese food delivery boy and his broken English. They said I was being racist. Interestingly, no one wrote to complain about my big-nosed Jew or the stingy Jewish robot.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.


KleoPatra said...

Ben Baruch, your creativity and humor are fabulous!

VegetarianCyclist said...

Yes, I think the depiction of the delivery boy is racist and tasteless. As a Jew, it is your right to play with Jewish stereotypes and make tasteless, and offensive (and very funny) Jewish jokes. I'm not sure that right extends to making fun of Chinese delivery boys.

When I was watching the animation, a Chinese American coworker happened to walk into my office. He was deeply insulted by the delivery boy.

He was mollified when I pointed out how offensive the Jewish elements of the animation were.

Anyway, how long has the Adam Sandler strip been up? Let's see some fresh Shabot6000!

Anonymous said...

that cartoon was extremely good. don't let small minded censors water down your work into the bland inoffensive crap they like being spoon fed.