December 18, 2005

Rav-ing Fans

Rav Shmuel and a new fan

Last night I went to see Rav Shmuel perform at the Side Walk Café in the East Village, having been invited by my two new adorable friends, Cordula and Elisheva (Monsey girls rule!) Rav, described as a "A Beer Drinking Songwriting Rabbi" put on a fantastic show, and really had the house rocking. He opened with a soulful cover of Radiohead's Karma Police, followed by a chill rendition of The Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated! The ukulele-toting rabbi, accompanied by his "all-Kike band" (including guitarist Yoshie from Juez), continued through the night with Rav's original tunes, which I highly recommend checking out.

After the show I got to meet Rav, and gave him a big hug in behalf of all his female admirers. Turns out Rav is a fan of my cartoons! We are now mutual fans.

Late at night, a few stragglers, including me and Cordula, were treated to an impromptu acoustic encore presentation, up close and personal with Rav. It was a wonderful experience.

I'll see you at the next show!

More photos below.

Me flanked by sweethearts Cordula and Elisheva

Cordula and b. Baruch stayed up late for the after show

Hanging outside with Yoshie


Anonymous said...

oh those girlies rock...such a small world. Glad you enjoyed it- i wanted to go :]

- Jen (from myspace)

Anonymous said...

I know you want to give me the deets in person. Knock on me door later. Good choice of shirting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, It was really fun! But I'm not from Monsey! haha! Rav is amazing, I love him! Haha, He looks so drunk in the first pic! But I think we all were! :P K.I.T!

Anonymous said...

AHH those pictures came out awesome!! what a great night! :)

Anonymous said...

O! I live very close to the Side Walk Cafe :) I am in Europe right now anyways so I couldnt come to the show. It seems that I missed something "O!" :)))

Anonymous said...

Rav-ing fans.. indeed!! you're adorable.

shamirpower said...

love the rav. will see you at the next show - monday?