November 15, 2005

The Science Behind Acts of God

Speaking of tikkun olam, Wired News is running an article, The Science Behind Acts of God, by Jeff MacIntyre, featuring an interview with Simon Winchester, author of the new book, A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906:

In April 2006, it will be the hundredth anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco quake. In terms of science, it was a great tipping point. Up until that point, the principal human reaction to great catastrophes was to assume it was the work of God. Come 1906, we began to think of it rationally. It was a hinge point leading up to the discovery of seismology.

The comics I am donating to the FIX fundraiser all have to do with natural disaster, and God's role in them. They will be on display in the art gallery at the 14th Street Y.

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