November 17, 2005

The "Free Choice" Concert

I met Ahron Moeller at the Jewschool fundraiser last week. Cool guy, his band is performing tonight:

Artists for Starving People 
the "Free Choice" concert.
This--Thursday, November 17, 8:30PM
1025 6th Ave. @ 38th Street, NYC

the Cause:
On Thursday, November 17th, Artists for Starving People will host the
second episode of its ongoing concert/benefit series at the historic
Millinery Shul located in the heart of Midtown NYC.  Last time we raised
$1,000+  to help a struggling family pay the rent. 
This time, instead of getting rich and fat off our success,
we are raffling off a one-way plane ticket, and giving
You four of Alt-Jewish Music’s hottest acts.
The winner gets to choose their destination: 
Amsterdam or Israel. 
the Music:
Blanket StatementStein (back from the UK) 
White Shabbos (Irish/bluegrass/punk) new album out soon.
rocky arena rock (80s classics) 
Y-Love (Aramaic hip hop),
and Yosef from the Moshav Band. (Israel/LA)
All paid attendees will be automatically entered in the
raffle drawing which will be held at the end of the show.

Tickets $5 (includes 1 raffle).  Additional raffles $5 each.  For more
information contact Aaron  Moeller
Millinery Shul, 1025 6th Ave. @ 38th Street, NYC


Rabbi Yonah said...

Warm regards to Aaron! I very much enjoyed your NCSY Bus.

Anonymous said...

whoa, who's that hot blonde throwing fists?