September 20, 2007

Relatively Cool

Cousin Jake on my rooftop in Brooklyn

Meet my cousin, Jake. Jake's grandmom, Annette, and my dad are first cousins, and whatever complex level of cousinhood that puts us in, we're blood. So I was more than happy to show Jake around Brooklyn during his visit to NYC last week, when we met for the first time.

Cousin Jake—tall, slim and handsome, a cool 16 years old—lives with his parents in California. He's only a junior in high school, but when he graduates he wants to move to New York and study music full time. He's a talented bass player, and has already performed at Carnegie Hall. He also likes to shoot artistic photographs with an old manual film camera. We're obviously related.

We spent the day becoming acquainted, walking around Brooklyn, through Prospect Park, checking out the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and ending the night with live jazz at the Tea Lounge. A perfect day with a real cool coz!

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Anonymous said...

That Michelle is a real delight. I hope she can come up with a Lisa Loeb like megahit, and then just worry about being cute and having my kids.