September 21, 2007

Barely Political Party

Team Obama Girl (creator Ben Relles and vocalist Leah Kauffman) with Team Rosh Hashanah Girl (me and Michelle)

Having been inspired by BarelyPolitical's Obama Girl, we were flattered to learn that the Obama Girl team are mutually fans of our own Rosh Hashanah Girl production. So last night, Rosh Hashanah Girl a.k.a. Michelle Citrin and I attended Barely Political's launch party for their new music video, I Like A Boy ..., featuring Leah Kauffman, the voice behind Obama Girl.

Flanked by two of three Romney Girl Triplets

Unfortunately we didn't get to meet Amber Lee Ettinger a.k.a. Obama Girl as she was a bit under the weather (and seemingly preoccupied with a very lucky boyfriend), but I did get to meet many of the talented folks behind's videos, including two of three Romney Girl Triplets.

Huffington Post reporter Rachel Sklar, vocalist Leah Kauffman, and Michelle Citrin

New BFFs, the voices of Obama Girl and Rosh Hashanah Girl

Many business cards were exchanged that night, and as we were all promptly ushered out of the Canal Room at 9pm so they could get ready for the next event, we all wished each other an easy fast, because, as it turns out, almost everyone involved in these projects was Jewish.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

I love that the two creative teams met...that's great. Almost as great as you using the term "BFF" in a blog post.

A meaningful fast to you, Jewish Robot?

Anonymous said...

JR, in the future could you include in the picture captions who's sleeping with whom. BTW if you want to make a big JR huppah with MC, I will be bitter but wouldn't object.


William Levin said...

Funny, anon, I can only tell you who isn't sleeping with whom, and that's me with anyone.