September 30, 2007

Hookah in the Sukkah

Dope beats courtesy of Harel Schachal & Anistar

PresenTense Magazine celebrated the launch of their third issue (in which I have a full-page Shabot 6000 special "Shabot Spot" comic) with Sukkot in the PresenTense: A Feast from the Middle East, celebrated in perfect weather and under the sukkah at the Sixth Street Community Synagogue in Manhattan. With live Middle Eastern music, more hookahs than you could shake a bong at, and food and wine flowing, I believe everyone who attended had a fantastic time, and this party marked the best PresenTense event yet!

PresenTense editor Esther K. and graphic designer Sari Lisch

Educator and former PresenTense contributor Beth Pollack and voiceover artist Jessica Wachsman

Heeb contributor David Kelsey and Basya Schechter of Pharaoh's Daughter

New Jewcy contributor Maya Wainhaus, world traveler Raven Brown, and Alicia "The Postmaster" Post

The shwarma and pita simply wasn't Jewish enough for Eli Valley's strict standards, so he moved shop to the kitchen for some real Jewish food ... Matzo Farfel

Jewish Robot with bedazzled admirer Alicia Post

Success! Party organizers Ariel Beery of PresenTense and Maven Haven, Dara Lehon, and the Good Rabbi Charlie Buckholtz


Anonymous said...

Maya Wainhaus is the fabulous jewess who's new at Jewcy... she is also a contributor to PresenTense AND recently had an article published in the J Post!!!

Anonymous said...

so tell me dude did u have any arabs in this midle eastern party or it is all about jew?

William Levin said...

jhon, all were welcome to the sukkah, though it was mostly attended by Jewish people, as it was in celebration of the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

Anonymous said...

JR please forward us the IP address of the anti-Semite.

Thank you.

The Mossad

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