February 20, 2007

Peace with My Niece

Lola and her Uncle (and Unshaven) Willy

After a bout with not one, but two forms of food poisoning (both the Blastocystis hominis parasite and Campylobacter bacterium) that I contracted in Israel, coupled with other stressful matters in my personal life, I was weakend to the point of non-productivity and in need of a real break. Having lost an astonishing 12 pounds in the course of just four weeks, I packed my bags and headed home to Vineland, where I recuperated with my loving family over the long President's Day weekend.

To all the naysayers, click to zoom in, because Lola's still got blue eyes

My retreat home also happened to fall on the birthday of my niece, Lola, who turned one year old on February 17. I spent the weekend recovering, and following Lola around the house as she talked up a baby talk storm and grabbed at my Beard of Hermitage.

Lola, horrified by the realization of turning one

I had a most relaxing, theraputic stay with my family, and I didn't even mind when Lola woke up crying at 4am. In fact, I found it comforting, knowing that we can all experience stress, no matter what age.

And the remedy can be as simple as a hug.



Esther Kustanowitz said...

Initial reports indicate that the bot still possesses his internationally lauded sense of humor.

"The end," indeed.

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a shayna punim on that niece of yours! :)