February 09, 2007

Frumster is so PC

Frumster have produced a couple of cute video ads for their online Jewish dating service, this time spoofing the popular Apple "Get a Mac" television commercials, (a pastime I am intimately familiar with). As with the Get a Mac campaign, Frumster pairs up a quirky fellow, representing other online Jewish dating services, like arch rival JDate, versus a less offensive guy who represents the values of Frumster. There is also a female version, featuring a flaky JDate girl pitted against a wholesome, virginal Frumster gal.

Ironically, as with the original Apple commercials, I find myself drawn more toward the "PC" characters in the new Frumster ads. Most people find the nerdy antics of the PC-player, actor John Hodgman, more endearing than the smarmy attitude of the Mac guy, played by Justin Long. Similarly, I feel like the Frumster guy comes across as boring while the JDate dude looks like he'd make entertaining company. And in the female counterpart ad, while I might fall asleep on a date with the Frumster girl while staring at her brown potato sack dress, the caffeinated fairy princess chick actually looks like she knows how to have a good time. Just watch her horse riding impression.

I do like the new Frumster campaign, even better than the one I produced for them. So if you haven't done so already, watch the Frumster ads online now!


Anonymous said...

My take was different- it was an "online dater" vs. an off-line dater. Whats interesting to me is that no-where in the ad does it mention or show the name "frumster"... it just refers to "jewish online dating services" and then directs you to frumster after you click-thru, almost as if it's trying to hide the fact that it's frumster (which bring to mind frumpy and religious, dull people) and package itself in the same catagory as jdate (whose site has become synonymous with "a jewish dating website") I wonder how long they debated whether to put the guy in a kippah or if the girls mostly modest dress was too low cut (though, yes- definitely brown and frumpy) Personally, I'd wanna hang out with the glitter fairy too. She seems fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all what is the deal with no yarmulkes- furthermore the two people who were promoting frumster looked like snobby morons who were all high on their sophistication, like the last commenter I would much rather go out with the fairy who seemed way more laid back and fun then little miss normal is boring.