October 11, 2006

An Issue with Food

Whaddup, Shansta?

Heeb Magazine celebrated their eleventh issue, The Food Issue, with another kick-ass party last night. Held at Fat Baby on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the usual suspects made their appearance and posed for the ShaBlog.

Beth Pollak of PresenTense thinks PINK

Heeb's David Kelsey and Sarah Lefton of Jewish Fashion Conspiracy

Avi, David, and Adam Baruchowitz

Fellow ROI120ers Sarah Lefton and Rebecca Wiener, Senior Editor for Heeb

PresenTense Editor-in-Chief Ariel Beery obscured by powerful pre-party host E.V. of Jewschool

West coast's Sarah, and Yoseph of Cannabis Chassidis

Storahtelling David Wolkin and bright-eyed Lindsay of PresenTense and ROI120

Esther K., the Bot, and an encore appearance by Sarah Lefton


Anonymous said...

Did the robot get laid at this thing?

Anonymous said...

Not unless it happened while I was on the looong line for the Ladies Room... but I doubt it--there weren't any dark corners to hide in ;)

Anonymous said...

shansta, seriously: call me.

Anonymous said...

sorry to disappoint you Anon, but homey don't play that, i was just being cute....

Anonymous said...

ok. i still like you.