October 17, 2006

Baby Chat

I saw my baby niece Lola yesterday, and I didn't even have to leave Brooklyn to do it. Finally, I was able to video conference online, cross-platform from Macintosh to Windows, using Skype for Mac 2.0 Beta.

What does this have to do with Jewish or robots, you may ask? Nothing, except that I suspect Lola may be a human-Cylon hybrid.


Anonymous said...

Will someone please marry JR and put him out of his misery? But not you, Shansta baby.

Anonymous said...

If cutie Lola is half Cylon, then next week she'll be Three years old!

And as for you Anon, are you saying i can't be the one to alleviate the Robot's misery?? but i'm always such a ray of sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

Shansta you're my ray of sunshine. JR can continue his aimless "dating" without us.