November 25, 2008

Help Us Pass the Candle

Michelle "Rosh Hashanah Girl" Citrin and I are making our next music video for Hanukkah, and we need your help! Send us your video clips of you passing a candle and lighting a menorah, and it just might end up in our musical montage. Watch the demo video and visit for more instructions.

But hurry, Hanukkah is almost here, and we'd like to have all the video clips by November 28! If you go home for Thanksgiving, get your family involved!


Anonymous said...

This blog was funnier b4 you got a girlfriend.

Your anonymous pal

William Levin said...

Same with Howard Stern.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say that. Also, don't waste a year of your life planning a wedding. Just keep the engagement short and sweet.


cristian said...

I have to admit it is pretty cool what you are about to do, giving a chance to anybody to take part of your music video.I guess there have been a lot of people sending what you have asked for.
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