June 12, 2008

Israel or Bust

PresenTense founder Ariel Beery, Jewster founder Aryeh Goldsmith, and ROI121 founder Meir Taub

Today I'm leaving for Israel for two weeks, where I'll not only be attending the ROI120 2008 Summit in Jerusalem, but also traveling with my three good buddies, Ariel, Aryeh, and Meir. Ariel has moved to Jerusalem to devote his time to his PresenTense Institute, and will be meeting up with the rest of us in Tel Aviv for shabbat this weekend. After that, Aryeh and I will be attending the ROI120 conferences in Jerusalem, but that isn't stopping Meir from joining in on the action, and sharing his first time in Israel with us! You can spot Meir proudly wearing his ROI121 tee-shirt ... or his FROI shirt, depending on what kind of mood he's in.

And if you happen to be in Tel Aviv on June 18th, ROI is hosting a party, open to our friends and family, so come to the Gordo Pub in Tel Aviv at 121 Hayarkon Street around 9:30pm to join in the fun.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo !!

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Woohoo indeed. Enjoy your beets, boys, and we'll see you next week.