July 11, 2007

Think Indifferent

There is at least one thing wrong with the Aish brand "Jewlarious" when it comes to their Jphone video parody of the recent Get a Mac commercials, especially if the word Jewlarious is meant to be a hybrid of Jewish and hilarious. If, however, the -larious suffix is actually derived from malarious, then it makes a bit more sense.

I don't find many things offensive. In fact, usually, the more offensive people find something, the more I like it. But in this case I was offended at the level of cliché and gratuitous "oy vey" humor. I guess this Jphone viral video is so poorly done and unfunny, I am ashamed it has the letter J in front of it.

Frumster, who are a bit more conservative in their humor department, actually managed to pull off a funnier Jewish "Get a Mac" parody than Aish. I think that says a lot.

This is not to say that all of Aish's videos are unfunny. I did like their Boycott Israel video. Maybe there are others.


Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
puh-leeze. the jphone video was amusing and you of all people shouldn't be casting stones on jewish stereotype characters. or perhaps your jewish pride only extends to jews who keep a waspy edge. and why am i the main commenter here?

Shabot 6000 said...

I dunno, anon, you might be my only ShaBlog reader.

Yes, I do Jewish stereotypes in my cartoons, but didn't it seem a little "matzoh ball" thick in that Jphone parody? "The heartburn, OY!"

I had to edit your comment because it's getting borderline stalkish. Please find another way to send messages other than through this blog!

Anonymous said...

sure, it was thick, but i'm not offended by jewy jews. anyway, i enjoy this blog a lot. you should post every day so i have something to read. how about "the jewesses of midtown"?

Shabot 6000 said...

Thanks, anon. I don't know any midtown Jewesses, but if I come across one you'll be the first to know, since you're the only one who reads my blog.

Anonymous said...

I read it. and I thought that video was just a bit more painful than dental surgery.

Actually, I didn't get the point. Who am I supposed to be siding with? The stereotyped "matzoh ball" jew, or the other jew, who, in someones casting mind looked enough like he was a non-jew because of his blond hair, but couldn't say "L'chaim" correctly, like I can't say "ham" correctly.


Rabbi Adam J. Bernay said...

Okay... the jPhone spot was mildly amusing... like all the rest of the ones mentioned. I didn't see anything really really funny on any of them.

I was waiting, in the "Boycott Israel" video, for all the disappearing stuff to give someone a headache, and they find their aspirin is gone (invented by Bayer, a Jew). But it was interesting.