July 23, 2007

Is Dan Zanes Jewish?

I suspect he might be, as this local musician is a featured artist in the upcoming September Jewzapalooza concert at Riverside Park in Manhattan. Regardless, Dan Zanes and Friends is also the attraction that got my sister Sandy and her husband Todd to travel up to Brooklyn with my 17 month old niece, Lola!

Lola really digs the music!

It was Lola's first trip to Brooklyn, which was already a special occasion. The Celebrate Brooklyn music series just made the day even more memorable.

Picking up the babes by picking up the babe

Lola and my sister Michelle, back together

Dan Zanes shines as he signs Lola's DVD

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can lead this Peter Pan/Not-Gay Uncle existence forever. I just think you should be doing better.

Your Pal,


Shabot 6000 said...

Anon, what constitutes doing better? Getting married so I can have my very own kids? I'm in no rush.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore that Anonymous. S/He's a putz. Your life's your business. Love the pictures of Lola. I's amazed how big she's grown!