June 10, 2007

Brooklyn Pride

Proud Brooklynite dances with flair

Last night I was proud for 15 minutes. That's about how long the 10th Annual Brooklyn Pride parade lasted, as the local gay and lesbian community and supporters gathered along 7th Avenue here in Park Slope to share in the festivities for Brooklyn Pride Week.

It was nice to see the churches and synagogues participating, as well as a special appearance by borough President Marty Markowitz in his Martymobile!

The Metropolitan Community Church of New York

Park Slope Jewish Center

Congregation Beth Elohim of Brooklyn New York

I am proud to be a part of such a welcoming and diverse community here in Brooklyn!


Anonymous said...

JR, i get that this open/diverse shtick probably helps you get laid, and g-d knows we've all been there, but really this is not a good thing for the jews. being gay is what it is, but it's nothing to be proud of in terms of jewish life.

Shabot 6000 said...

Anon, as a favor to a friend, I've removed the final sentence from your comment. Please stick to the topic!

Regarding the rest of your comment, what is the basis for your assumption that gayness is not a good thing for the Jews, or for any community?

When a minority group can overcome adversity and express themselves openly, there is reason to be proud.

My affinity for diversity is not a shtick. It falls into the same category as Freedom of Speech and Expression, for which I am a big proponent.

And, no, diversity doesn't help me get laid. I'd be targeting the wrong audience for my orientation.

Anonymous said...

JR, this is the old conundrum of wether everything you consider good (openness, overcoming adversity, diversity) has anything to do with Jewishness. I would say these are universal qualities which you can easily practice as a gentile. If you want to preserve jewish culture: A. Get married and have kids and B. Don't assume that Judaism is the same as the latest trend. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Your pal, Anon.