August 06, 2006

Mel Hates Jews

Five four three twos, it's every news:

Mel hates blacks, browns, yellows and blues
Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists and Hindus

He hates y'all the most of all
Mel hates Jews

From the top of their Jew hat
To the bottom of their shoes

Are you a Jew? Cause if you're a Jew
Mel hates yous

There's one thing Mel don't hate
Mel loves booze

Mel loves to drink and drive in Malibus
Don't offer Mel a ride home cuz Mel will refuse

Mel hates the train,
Mel hates choo choo

Mel hates his alarm clock
Mel hates to snooze

Mel hates the whole cast of Winnie the Poohs
Tiggers, Rabbits, Piglets and your Kangas and Roos

George bush hates black people
Mel hates them too
But most of all Mel hates Jews

Mel hates Jews
Mel hates Jews
But most of all Mel hates them Jews


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful

Anonymous said...

And when Mel's flat broke 'cause all the agents are Jews-

Mel, poor Mel will be singing the blues.

Anonymous said...

I find it touching that you took the time to put all those lyrics down on the keyboard

Ro said...

Is it too late to get my money back for Lethal Weapon 4?!?

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H To which tune are we supposed to sing the words? I was thinking maybe "Dayenu" or "Had Gadya" from Pesah.