February 08, 2006

Beyond the Book

Young Yoshie and pops Chaim Fruchter performing at Makor

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the CD release party for father-son duo, Chaim and Yoshie Fruchter, who, together with their band, performed songs from their new album, Beyond the Book: A Musical Journey into the Subconscious of Our Ancestors, at the Makor Café in Manhattan.

In Yoshie's words:
This album is compiled of tunes that we wrote from the perspective of different characters in the Bible, in first person. So Adam writes a song lamenting his expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Sarah sings her excitement at the promised birth of Isaac, even in her old age.

The music was inspiring and fresh, ranging from folksy to full-on rock, and Yoshie and his father sure can sing in harmony! I highly recommend checking out Yoshie's music online, and coming to see him next time he performs.

Yoshie admits he is addicted to tuning

Yoshie and me (the short one)

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